World’s Largest McDonalds


In today’s era, many food chains have started to provide facilities so that they can ensure the most satisfaction levels of their customers and also they want to set a parameter which sets them apart from the other food chains. When all the other chains have been coming up with such similar promotional as well as feedback techniques, how could the giant food-chain of fast foods, mainly burgers, be left behind? Yes, we are talking about McDonald’s here. However, prior to talking about what this new feature is, let us first focus on a brief history of McDonald’s.

World’s Largest McDonalds

World’s Largest McDonalds

McDonald’s was officially founded in1940 and its very first fast food restaurant opened its doors to the people from outside in 1938 on the places like North E Street, West 14th Street, San Bernardino, California, USA. The founders of McDonald’s are Richard and Maurice and needless to say, McDonald’s is the largest chain of restaurants in the world. In a recent survey about the statistics on this brand, it has been established that this brand has over fifty thousand stores. This is one of the favorite fast food companies among the consumers for burgers and it also sells cheeseburgers, desserts, chicken soft drinks, smoothies, rolls, fries, and breakfast, etc.


  • As of 2016, there was good news for the foodies of McDonald’s – also called McFoodies-in the state of Orlando, USA
  • It was then that the “World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s” was set to reopen much to the delight of the customers.
  • The location of the McDonalds division was 6875 Sand Lake Road which led off of the International Drive.
  • The largest building so far is of this McDonalds which has a new three-story building spanning across 19,000-square-foot.
  • The building was opened to the public on Tuesday and Wednesday so as to increase the inflow of customers on weekdays as well.
  • The opening was reported in the Orlando Sentinel.
  • This largest McDonald’s will allow guests to get their creative side out with a “Create Your Own” menu option – which will feature burgers, pizza, omelets, pasta, chicken sandwiches, waffles as reported and covered by the Orlando Business Journal.
  • This McDonald’s joint will be open for 24 hours and will be servicing customers throughout.
  • Guests can also enjoy as per the “I’m lovin’ it” theme in a twenty two-foot-tall kids’ play area with arcade games and slides.
  • A fun fact is that the original “World’s Biggest Entertainment McDonald’s” opened way back in 1976 and it was shut down in 2015.

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Since its beginning, as a growing food chain, McDonald’s has always focused to ensure the complete satisfaction of its customers and it has only tried to keep the standards going up to higher levels ever since. McDonald is one of the largest food chain restaurants in the world and the company does a lot for the people and their feedback on its food and services. With this prime purpose, the world’s largest McDonald’s has been coined and developed, so that this can set a differentiation factor from the customers.


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